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Welcome to our Boutique!

So who are we? We are two sisters that grew up in Arizona together and had lots of sibling love. You know the love of locking one another out, telling on the other so you looked like the angel, stealing each other’s clothes and occasionally boyfriends. That kind of love, but those were the younger years. We have now grown up and each has spent our time apart. Now all the drama has turned into love and advice. It’s amazing how you really start to appreciate one another with 2000 miles and 5 kids in between you.  So what did we decided would be the solution?! Working together of course.                                     

Let me take a second to introduce myself. I’m Ashley the older, smarter, easygoing sister. I’m sure she will debate some of that but for the moment, just believe me. I have 3 kids and live in Scottsdale, Arizona.  My life is spent running my kids to all their crazy activities while I try to maintain my passions of running, yoga, and an occasional triathlon. My style needs to be quick, cute and washable. My accessories tend to be a fuel band and a hair tie.  But that does not mean I don’t love a cute sundress and a fun outfit for a girl’s night out.  I’m sure you will be able to find all of those things right here.             

 Now for that other sister, Katie she is the younger, crazy, intense fashion plate who is always ready for a new adventure.  When she has something in her head it happens.   She is the mover and shaker of this twosome, from cheering at ASU to being a mom of 2 and running her own coffee shop and clothing boutique. She makes things happen. She opened a boutique and home goods store in South Dakota, where she moved to be with her husband and it took off. She has effortless style and is always on point. She is of course the main style guru. Her main accessories are amazing bags and perfect jewelry. The combinations always amaze me.  Hopefully you can find the same ones here too.            

 As you can tell we are opposites but together we are ready to help you come up with your own style and outfits. This is the place for you if you’re laid back or ready to shine. Now lets hope this partnership does not revert back to the old days.



Ashley                                                             Katie

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  • Michelle C

    Love your clothes! So unique and cute! Would be awesome to see some variance of ethnicity represented in the clothing models.

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