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Winter Nail Ideas

Winter Nail Ideas

Mads here- Now that the winter season is finally upon us and the weather is changing so are our nail beds which means it is officially time to head to the salon! The cold weather can cause dry skin, fragile tips and pesky cuticles. While all of those things can be quite irritating, nothing can be more daunting than choosing the perfect nail color! It is always fun to go with your regular or ”usual” (Hello OPI Bubble Bath), but why not switch it up? I am going to share some of our favorite nail trends for 2022 and what we are personally wearing here at the MJ Warehouse!

Included on Harper’s Bazaars’ list, some of the best winter nail trends for 2022 include a range of colors and patterns all the way from Snowy Metallics, Moody Floral Designs and Hot Cocoa Browns! While I adore all of those selections and have personally indulged in a hot cocoa brown color myself (Shh… It’s Top Secret by OPI), it seems as though all of us here at MJ have decided to stick to a warmer winter color palette including light nudes, pinks, browns and whites! 

After talking with the girls around the warehouse, here are a few of their current colors and pieces of advice for when it comes to choosing their winter nail color!

I first spoke with Katie, owner of MJ, and she is currently wearing Angel with a Lead Foot by OPI! Katie said that she always chooses to go with a shade of white because it looks clean. White is a classic and trendy year round color! Jackie, another familiar face around the warehouse, said that white was the only color she will wear during the summer season. I had to agree with both of them because I personally use white on my toes and I keep it that way year-round! Jackie also mentioned that when it comes to selecting a color for the winter season she always sticks with dark greys, greens or browns! Jackie is currently wearing a gorgeous dark grey shade (Smokin’ Hot by Essie).

On Wednesday, we had a special visitor in the warehouse and she happened to have some incredibly cute nails. Raigan, a retail associate at our Sioux Falls store, had on stunning sage green french tips (Sage Scarf by CND Shellac). I asked her how she selects her colors in the winter and she said that she typically goes with anything neutral because it is not distracting and goes with almost any outfit.

As for the rest of the warehouse and marketing team, I absolutely adored all of the selections so I am going to share a few of my favorites! Be sure to check out the attached photos to see all of our manicures live and in color…and if we are being honest, I feel like we might have a future as hand models! 

Kayla is currently wearing a gorgeous clear shade with an abstract white design (Cream Puff by CND Shellac), Grace is wearing a pretty honey brown shade with a light coat of gold shimmer (MY Italian is a Little Rusty by OPI and Gold VIP Status by CND Shellac), Caitlin is sporting a beige shade with an abstract white design (Brimstone by CND Shellac and Lady Lilly by CND Shellac) and I am currently wearing a rich and rusty brown shade (Boheme by CND Shellac.)

So there you have it ladies! The current nail trend here at MJ is nothing short of a nice, muted and airy nude color palette! Keep it light and head straight for those desert tones or even stick with a classic french! Attached to this post you will also find a color block palette with all of our current winter nail selections on it.

If you are feeling inspired by our post go ahead and pull up our palette at your next nail appointment and use it as a reference to find a new shade for yourself and be sure to tag us in a picture of your fresh mani on Facebook or Instagram!


Until Next Time!




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